Friday, February 4, 2011

Nothing important

I don't have anything real interesting to say today, I'm just bored. Actually, I'm about to go a bit stir crazy. This crazy weather we've been getting has got me even more cooped up in the house than usual and it's really starting to get to me. The entire week, I've only been out of the house for an hour, to go to pilates. I haven't visited friends. I haven't gone shopping. I haven't even been to the mailbox! I really wanted to go run some much needed errands today, but John didn't want me out driving with ice on the roads.

It's supposed to be back up in the 50s tomorrow, so I told John that I AM going to run errands tomorrow. By myself. And I'm going to take as much time as I want! Since Ella was born, I haven't had very much "me time". Oh, sure, I may get an hour or two here and there, but when you're at home with the same small person day after day, an hour or two here and there just doesn't cut it. John, on the other hand, has had SEVERAL full weekends of "guy time". And time away from home, for that matter, so he has no daddy responsibilities to speak of during his "guy time".

Now, I understand that breastfeeding does mean that I CAN'T be away that much, but still. I sure would prefer and hour or two every few days instead of every once in a long while. Is that too much to ask? Really, I can't wait for Ella to be able to sit up on her own. That sure will make shopping and errands a little easier not having to deal with her car seat and all that. At least then maybe I can leave the house more easily, but I still would love just a little more "me time".

Anywhoser, John thinks he's going to spend all this time working in the garage tomorrow with his brother. Ha! There is NO WAY he's going to bully me into either a) staying home and watching Ella or b) taking her with me. He gets so much more time for himself and I am going to take time for myself, like it or not. I need it. Just a little break. If only to go to Target and the grocery store. :o)

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