Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I really did it!


Sorry, had to get that out seeing as I'm super excited! After about 2 hours of work, I just finished a Christmas necklace and earring set for myself! It turned out even better than I was imagining it!

I wanted to make something to wear to our work Christmas luncheon on Friday, but since I finished tonight, I do believe I'll wear it to bunco tomorrow too!

This is the first thing I've ever made using chain like this. (one of the reasons it took so long) What do y'all think of my first attempt??

Sorry, those are the best pics I could take with my phone...but decent, right??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Alright, so I've been away for a while. I guess I might as well tell you all what I've been up to the past month since I've been gone.

Let's see. Obviously there are the major things such as Thanksgiving. Well, this year, Ward's grandparents came into town so we spent quite a few nights down at my mother-in-law's house visiting while they were here. We also spent an entire day working on centerpieces and other wedding stuff for my sister-in-law's wedding next May.

We had to take my car into the shop because it had been leaking transmission fluid. Apparently some gasket or something was leaking. Supposedly a pretty simple fix. Well, not one week later, I was driving home from work and the transmission started acting all funny. It was running at really high RPMs. It was shifting all funky. Ward drove it to my parents Thanksgiving day to see if he could figure out what was wrong. He couldn't. I had to drive it home. As soon as I pulled in the driveway, it dumped transmission fluid all over the driveway. The dealership who "fixed" the leak the weak prior came and picked it up the next day. They had the thing for over a week! Ended up needing a brand new transmission! Have I mentioned that my car is a 2006? With less than 47,000 miles? Yeah. Suck.

Ward and I spent a week or so debating whether or not to buy a new house. We found one that had (almost) everything we want in a long term house. Nice house (though old), on 2.3 acres, big workshop. The house, being old, would have needed some updating, and the master bath needed to be completely finished out. We didn't think it was worth what they were asking, but we were quite interested. We went back and forth for sometime trying to figure out what to do. We would have had to not only sell our house first, but it's not even on the market! So, yeah, that would have been a big deal. We ended up deciding not to pursue the house. As much as we liked it and were quite interested, we decided that we just weren't ready for a big move like that. Especially being an older house that would need lots of maintenance and upkeep. So for now, we will finish up all our projects on our current house and enjoy it for a while longer before we decide to make a move.

Work has been unbelievable crazy. I have enough work for AT LEAST three of me to do, and about half the amount of time I need to do it all. It beyond sucks. I tell you what. I'm pretty darn close to missing ALL of my deadlines for all my work. Which means no bonus for me if I'm late. Not that I very much care at this point. I just can't handle the stress lately.

To top it off, at work, at least, I'm missing all kinds of time this week especially. I was out Monday for my girly doctor visit. I took a half day today to go to the dentist because I've been having a toothache since last week. I see the dentist today and they determine that it looks like I've got a cyst forming where one of my wisdom teeth had been removed from. GREAT. So now, I will be out of the office yet again on Friday afternoon so I can go see my oral surgeon to have it checked out by them. And that'll only be the evaluation visit. More work will be missed if I actually have to go back and have some kind of procedure done for it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have an afternoon out of the office, but I have WAY too much work to do to be missing all this time. Boo!

I have no idea how close to being done with my Christmas shopping I am. We haven't decorated AT ALL at the house. I won't get around to sending out Christmas cards this year. I don't even know if we'll get the tree up! Believe me when I say I can't wait for this year to be over!! I just hope next year is better.

Surely it will be though. Think of everything good that will happen next year!
-New guy at work will finish training and can help lighten our workload
-I might finally be able to get pregnant
-Our house projects will get finished
-My best friend will have a baby
-My sister-in-law will get married

2010 will be a grand year, won't it?? I can't wait! I guess I decided to write as much as I would have in all of November in this one post. Sorry guys. Your eyes are probably falling out of your heads by now. If you've even made it this far. Don't worry, I won't blame you, if you didn't. :o) Love to all and to all a goodnight!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Much better!

Wow. Has it really been over a month since my last post? Gosh…I haven’t written a thing since my birthday. My oh my. And here, even my best friend has started blogging again! I better get on it! :o)

No, I actually had some pretty good news that I wanted to share. You may remember way back when I mentioned all my “hormonal challenges” and how I was going to go back to my old OB/GYN since I was not so happy with my current one. Well, yesterday I finally had my appointment. And boy am I glad I was able to go back to her!! The appointment went great. I brought in all my medications/vitamins I’ve been taking, my past bloodwork results, printouts of my temperature charts, and a ton of questions. The nurse got all my information of what’s been going on the past three years since I’ve been in there. She asked questions, wrote everything down, and even knew before I mentioned it again that I wanted to talk to the doctor about getting pregnant. None of which, I will tell you, the nurse at my old doc’s office did. Then the doc came in and we had another long discussion. She looked at my bloodwork, and my charts. She asked if my old doc had ever done any tests to determine why I wasn’t ovulating or having periods. Umm, no, she sure didn’t. So she talked about all my different options. Asked what I wanted to do. And only after I told her which option I liked better, did she tell me that is what she would have recommended in my situation. (Side note: old doc NEVER asked my opinion, only told me what she wanted to do…nor really gave me any options for that matter.)

Overall, I was soooooooo pleased with the appointment, even though I did end up being at the doctor’s office for like two and a half hours. I am very happy that I am back with this doctor and feel very confident with our next course of action. So, speaking of, here’s what actually went down:

As you all know, hubby and I decided to start “trying” in July. I decided to start charting my temps to determine if I was ever actually ovulating. Needless to say, my charts have verified that I, in fact, have NOT been ovulating. Um, yeah, that makes one entire year with not ONE chance of becoming pregnant. A little discouraging for someone who is now ready for it! So, while at the doctor, they sent me to the lab to have blood drawn to check some hormone levels and what not to try to determine WHY this has been the case. Once those results come back, she said she’d have me start the progesterone pills to induce a visit from Aunt Flo. And once she’s here, I will go back in for another appointment to check on some things that are most easily checked while Aunt Flo’s in town. As long as all that checks out okay (meaning that if I do start to ovulate, there’s nothing else that could hinder a pregnancy), then I will start on the Clomid. At this point, she agrees that the easiest and most cost effective approach. If that ends up not working in causing me to ovulate, only then would she refer me to a reproductive specialist to see what else can be done. Honestly, though, I don’t think it will get that far. I think as long as I can get my selfish ovaries to quit hoarding my eggs, it should be smooth sailing! :o)

While it still may be a little while before we’ll actually be able to have some “productive trying” (seems this whole year has just been “practice trying”…hehehe), it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking to know that it will actually happen soon! Here’s to hoping my hormone levels don’t come back to terribly out of whack! :o)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Yes, I know I said I was going on hiatus, but this is one of those *have* to share with you guys.

So today is my birthday. Well, at work, they always decorate for birthdays. I guess I should also mention a co-worker is also a HUGE Twilight fan. Thus, my cube...

Love them... :o)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello all! I apologize for my lack of posting this week. I told you it was going to be super crazy busy.

It is now November. I know, I can't believe it either. Hubby is at work. On a Sunday. Go figure. And I've been going over things in my head all morning long. I've been so convinced with everything going on lately that my writing here and tweeting with you all is soothing and relaxing. Today it hit me. I. Am. Utterly. And. Completely. OVERWHELMED.

So far this weekend I haven't read blogs, I haven't written blogs, I haven't tweeted, I haven't facebooked. I have checked in on some to see what's going on, but I have not been an active participator. And I think that I will continue to just be a passive onlooker for a while. Thus the hiatus. I just can't keep up with it all right now. I desperately want to. I fear I will desperately need to, but I just can't.

I need to take a step back for a while and get some things together with me. I'm sure from time to time when I really need to vent or have a hilarious story that I just have to share, I will be back. But don't worry that I've fallen off the planet. I'm still here. I just won't be around much for a while.

Believe me, I will TRULY miss tweeting with you all while at work. Shoot, I was out one day and felt like I missed an eternity of what you all had going on! But the truth is, I can't really handle anyone else's lives right now besides my own. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't be someone who you can talk to right now to vent your own troubles. It saddens me that I won't be there for y'all when so many of you have been there for me.

I feel like my life right now has been sucked up in a tornado and it has spit me out miles away from home with pieces of it, left scattered, here and there, all along the way. So, for now, I will be walking my way back, picking up the pieces as I go so I may be able to put them all back together again once I get home.

Until then, all my love and thanks,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Mantra

This going to be super crazy busy!

I believe...I won't be reading many blogs this week. :o(

I'm saltines and peanut butter. It's like the perfect snack!

I wouldn't take 3 months before new guy (starts Monday) can help lighten our CRAZY workload.

I'm jealous...of everyone who actually likes their job.

Soundtrack/Mantra for the week...Happy Birthday to Ward!!'s the only picture of him on my phone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy happy joy joy!

I’m not sure exactly why, but I am in just a terrific mood this morning! So of course, I just had to share with you guys! Aren’t I the sweetest? Really, there could be numerous reasons for my gleefulness this morning…

It might be because I am so proud of my doggies. Yesterday, it was (supposed to be) raining and storming all day long. I really didn’t want to have to put the dogs outside in that kind of weather. They would be miserable and covered in mud when I got home! So, for the first time ever, I left them inside. OUT of their crates (which we’ve broken down and stored away). For the ENTIRE day. Now, I did contain them to the upstairs hallway, like we do at night, but still. I was very nervous to what I would come home to. Well, I got home, let them outside then went up to survey the damage. Or rather, LACK THERE OF!! No damage at all! They didn’t try to eat their pillows. They didn’t chew on the furniture. They didn’t even pee on the carpet!! Oh, I was but ecstatic! I even gave Major a hug. (He’s a good hug giver) And while they were cooped up all day and all night yesterday, they were still perfect little angels this morning as I got ready for work. I love my dogs. They’re the greatest!

You know, my good mood most certainly could be from the fact that I went to Bunco last night, at my mom’s house, with my best friend. It’s actually been a while since my best friend, B, and I have had some just us time. And it was great. She got me all up to speed on her pregnancy. Her new pictures. Her new due date. Her eating rules. What they’ve started picking out for baby. It’s all just so exciting! While I didn’t win anything at bunco, (though B did!) it was a great relaxing night with a fun group of ladies. And I definitely need that every once in a while.

Really, it could just be the weather that makes me so giddy. We had a cool front come through yesterday and I woke up to 52 degrees this morning! BRRRRR!!! The sky is crystal clear blue today with the most perfect cool breeze. I even wore a long sleeve shirt to work! I L-O-V-E this weather. That alone can put the hugest smile on my face! Though it would be even more perfect if I, you know, didn’t have to work. But hey, we take what we can get, right?

Also, I finally started rereading Twilight (again)!! Though I'm only two chapters into it so far, just the fact that I'm reading it again makes me smile.

Now, my last reason, is, well, a little controversial. I’ve been debating whether to post it. But I figured y’all would have the best advice, so here goes. I’m actually in a good mood partly because my husband is out of the country. Now, please don’t take this the wrong way. Let me explain. I love my husband dearly and I am sad when he’s away, but he’s been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super stressed lately and he’s bringing all this bad stressful energy home. I’ve been trying very very hard lately to simplify and declutter and relax my life. I stress out too easily. Even though he’s got about 1000 times more stress than I do, he’s not trying very hard to rectify the situation. And really, his stress and bad energy just ends up bringing me down with him. I try my hardest to get him to see the light and make changes, but he just doesn’t. And so, while he’s away, I feel so much…lighter. Like I can breathe again. It really does break my heart to see him like this. Who knows what I can do to help him out?? I want to be able to have these wonderful, carefree, happy feelings when he’s at home!! I want us to be happy and carefree and relaxed TOGETHER! Help a girl out??

Okay, okay…I really do need to get some work done today! I truly hope that all of you are having a super wonderful fantastic Friday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So pushy

How Major lets you know he wants some attention:

I know it's a little hard to see, but that's him setting his head on my laptop...while I'm in the middle of typing! Sheesh...

Poor guy...

Yesterday I posted about how Ward was heading off to Brazil pretty unexpectedly. Well, his plan was to come home at lunch today and pack and then he would head to the airport right after work. He called my at work just after 5pm and said he was on his way home. For just one split second I got super excited like maybe the trip was cancelled and he wouldn't have to go after all.

Uh huh. Yeah.

That's why I said one split second. No no. He was on his way home to pack because he was too busy to run home at lunch. AND he said it was a good thing he didn't try to pack last night for just a short Thursday to Saturday trip. He found out this morning that he now has to stay for a meeting on Tuesday. So much for hoping he'd be home this weekend. And here I thought I was finally going to get that new faucet for the kitchen sink. Well poo on you, Brazil!

I really do feel bad for the guy. He's under so much stress right now. And now all this last minute trip half way across the world business. It's just not very healthy. I told him he better workout at the hotel every day that he's down there to help with his stress. I hope he listened.

And to top it all off, with this now extended trip, he won't be home for his birthday on Monday! He actually didn't realize it until he was just about to leave and he's all mopey and says, "I'll see you in December." So I say, "You better be home for my birthday." (Which is in a week and a half) And then we both just look at each other and I exclaim, "You're going to miss your birthday!" Then he was even more upset about having to go.

Poor guy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random thoughts on this Tuesday eve

Hey all! Have a good Tuesday? Mine was okay, I guess. Work is totally kicking my butt. We have way too much going on for just the two of us to handle right now. It's ridiculous. But good news, my boss is hoping to give a guy an offer this week (as long as his background check comes up clean) so while it will be another 3 months of training for said new guy before he'll be able to help lighten our load, I'll be happy that the position is filled at least.

I have successfully kept my Google Reader at "0" for two whole days now!! That's like, amazing! Now, the amount of work that was sacrificed to keep it like that? Well, we just won't mention that right now. I've been able to read all the posts, but I still haven't been able to comment as much as I'd like. Eh, I'll get there. Y'all understand, I know.

In "oh, by the way" news, Ward will be heading off to Brazil tomorrow night. And he just found out today. Love the way that works. But good news is he'll be back Saturday morning so it's a short trip. Also means he'll actually be home this weekend, which he wasn't originally. He was supposed to leave Friday night to go to the Auburn vs. LSU game with his boss, but now he won't be able to go to the game and he'll have to stay home with me. :o)

I went to my workout class this evening and I am REALLY happy that I did. I've been feeling kind of down and out a bit lately, and haven't really felt like working out, but as soon as we got going and I started groovin' with the music, I suddenly felt so much better! It's so true about exercise lifting your mood.

So, while I am starving since Ward's ribs he's BBQ-ing are taking for-ev-er, I'm in a great mood tonight! I think I'll go peruse some more and find me an awesome Team Edward shirt to wear to the New Moon premier. :o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Mantra

This week...I had to "Mark all as read" in Google Reader. I just couldn't get through 500+. Sorry guys.
I believe...this week will be a challenge for me. I can already feel it.
I'm all things pregnancy. Or maybe obsessed is a better word. Either way it's probably not healthy.
I wish...some things were not out of my control.
I'm jealous...of everyone who stays on top of their Google Reader. (Falls under the category of "I hate my job")
Soundtrack/Mantra of the week...keep your chin up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time on my hands

For once, I actually have a Sunday with a little free time on my hands. And yet, I can't decide what to do with it. I did watch my two movies that I had in from Netflix for when Ward was in Brazil (since I knew he wouldn't want to see them), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, because while he never did end up going to Brazil, he's out fishing all day today. Those were both good movies. I enjoyed them. I've also been doing some laundry since we have like 15 loads, I swear. I know I'm going to make a run to Target in a bit, too. But we had a little BBQ yesterday with some guys from Ward's work so we cleaned all day yesterday and the house is like spotless. So, I actually don't really have any housework that HAS to be done today (besides the laundry). And now I have a bit of free time and I can't decide if I want to a) do some crafting b) start rereading Twilight c) take the dogs to the dog park or d) just be lazy and watch more movies. Who knows what I'll end up doing. I mean, it's already almost 2pm and I do still need to go to Target.

Oh yeah, so it seems like my giveaway was a big flop. I guess Burt's Bees Acne spot treatment isn't the coolest thing to win these days. Oh well. More for me! Seeing as I do actually need it! But too bad nobody got the chance to win some fun earrings by me. Too bad! I'll try to make my next giveaway way cooler so that someone will actually want to enter it!

Well, that's really about all from me right now. I should go finish getting ready and run my few errands. It's such a beautiful day here, I need to get out of the house! Oh! Lightbulb! Two birds, one stone...take the dogs to the dog park AND Twilight and read while they play! Hmm...enticing. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whoa! 200 posts!

** no one wants to enter my giveaway? Is it that bad? How about this? If I get at least 10 entries, I'll throw in some fun, fall inspired, handmade earrings by yours truly! Did I sweeten the pot enough for you?? Come on guys! Tell your friends!**

Can y'all believe it? I've had 200 (hopefully entertaining) things to say since I started not too long ago. It's an exciting day for me and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!

In my role as a bzzagent for, I was given the opportunity to test out the new acne line by Burt's Bees. As someone who has struggled with acne their whole life, and now more than ever, I was thrilled to try it. I must say, out of the TONS if different products I've tried over the years, I really really liked this. I love the fact that it's all natural. It works really fast and really helps out with reducing redness.

For you guys to try out, I am giving away three, count them, THREE, samples of the spot treatment. And each sample comes with two of the viles pictured below so you even have the opportunity to pass one on to a friend!

I'm telling you, this stuff is great. Not only does it help my acne, but I also have sensitive skin and using this product, my skin really has never looked more healthy. I love it!

Now for the rules:

Entering is super easy. Just leave me a comment!

Want additional entries? Tweet about my giveaway then leave me a comment linking back to your tweet. Or blog about it and come back and comment with the link to the blog post.

Thank you all for supporting me thus far and I hope for many more posts in the future! Good luck!

Contest closes Saturday the 17th and I will announce winners on Sunday!

Just getting you up to speed

It's Tuesday, which is the day after I usually do my weekend recap, but you know…life happens. I’m just lucky I got a chance to do my Monday Mantra yesterday! So, here we go:

Friday: Ward was heading off to a buddy’s lease with him so I said a quick hello and goodbye when I got home from work. I then went and met friends for ladies night at the pottery painting place. It was a nice evening. A little food, a little drink, good friends, and good times. It’s been a while since we’d all gotten together for pottery, and since I made something for myself so I painted this little guy for my kitchen.

It was a pretty lazy night after I got home. Just watched a few shows off the DVR and went to bed.

Saturday: Got up early and packed up the dogs to head to my parents. My mom and I were going down to Galveston to do an Alzheimer’s walk on the beach with the dogs. It was just a mile walk, but the weather was cool and overcast and there were lots of other people and dogs and it was the beach! We had a nice time, the dogs got to get out and do something different and fun. We went to breakfast afterwards (since we were done before 10am!) and stopped in at Marshall’s and picked up a few good deals. I didn’t get back home until about 3:30pm. Ward was on his way home soon after that. I lounged around until he got home since I had such a busy day so far. He napped a bit when he got home then we both got showered and cleaned up and we went and met his mom and brother for dinner. We got home and pretty much went straight to bed. We were both just exhausted!

Sunday: Got up at a decent time…about 7:30am. It was still cool outside so Ward and I spent some time outdoors. I pulled more weeds from the front yard and he washed his truck since it was covered in mud from the lease. When it started to rain we headed inside. I finally got our budget updated for September and Ward napped some more. After updating the budget, I was able to move $4500 into our savings!! That was VERY exciting. I mean, we’ve been spending less than we bring in every month, but this was the first time I actually moved some of that money into our actual savings account. It was a good feeling. Other than that, I did a few loads of laundry, Ward worked on some stuff in the garage, we had dinner, watched Year One, and I found Ward’s birthday present. I still haven’t been able to order it though! His birthday is in 13 days! I must do that today…I bet I can from my iphone.

And just because it’s Tuesday, and I was so proud of my accomplishments last night,

Monday: Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with my crappy day at work. Just wanted say I started the week off good on the home front. I got home and Ward was already there (!!). We cleaned off the dogs since they were outside in the mud and rain all day. We ran to Petco and got dog food and stopped in Kroger for a few items (which turned into $94 after we got a bunch of meat on sale…). We got home and Ward vacu-packed all the meat for the freezer and I cooked dinner. Pork chops, rice, and broccoli with cheese sauce. Mmm. We watched a couple shows during dinner then I cleaned the whole kitchen. After I finished with that I took a load of laundry upstairs and put away ALL of my clean clothes. Then got ready for bed and was in bed by 10:30pm! Whoa. That is an accomplishment these days! I hope to keep it up, that’s for sure. It was soooooo nice to come downstairs this morning to a spotless kitchen!!

Oh, oh! Guess what else! This is my 199th post. Know what that means? My next one will be number 200! Wow! So, in honor of that, my 200th post will be a giveaway!! Nothing super awesome, but a giveaway, none the less. Who complains about something free, right? Well, I don’t, anyway. :o) Stay tuned for number 200 and a chance to win something! (Pssst…rumor has it there will actually be 3 winners!) Thanks guys for letting me get this far! And here’s to 200 more, right?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Major...

I think Major forgets sometimes that he's actually a dog and not a person. Like when he's sitting on the steps...

Monday Mantra

This week...Ward is NOT going to Brazil so I was able to plan a whole week of meals at home!
I believe...we might refinance our two mortgages into one and save 15 years and like $140,000 in interest!
I'm The Vampire Diaries on the CW network. Like seriously.
I wish...I had some more free time to start rereading the Twilight series again before New Moon comes out!
I'm jealous...of people who can take their dogs to the beach every day.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week...try, try, and try again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a quickie

I say that, but watch, this will end up super long.

I just wanted to write a quick update while I still have a few minutes of lunch left.

This week has been an absolute whirlwind. I seriously don't know what day it is. But I need to so I don't forget to go to workout class tonight! Ward did NOT end up going to Brazil this week. Which would be a good thing if I had not already planned dinners all week for just me. As in leftovers and Tuna Helper. Ward is not such a big fan of either. That said, we went out Tuesday and ordered pizza last night. And I went out to lunch yesterday since me and coworker, M, were out in the field. I feel like I've gained twenty pounds in the past week. Oh wait. I also just finished my ten days of progesterone pills which make me retain water like a friggin sponge! So I probably have gained twenty pounds! Ugh.

In happier news, I'm doing an alzheimer's walk with my mom Saturday morning. It's a 5k walk on the beach and I get to bring the dogs! I think it will be fun. The dogs L-O-V-E the beach!

The past two evenings I've been pulling weeds out of our front yard. Seriously, our yard is atrocious! I've filled up a big potting soil bag and a 35lb bag from dog food so far and I've done about 1/8 of the yard. It's disgusting. But I'm trying! We REALLY need to work on our yard maintenance.

I had a couple very interesting conversations with coworkers yesterday about some happenings here at the office. I might blog about it all if I get a chance, but fore warning, it'll probably be a really long story!

Okay, that took up way more than the few minutes I had so I better get back to work. We are way swamped...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Look at me go!

Look at me! Three posts in one day! Of course, you know what that means...I probably won't have any more for the rest of the week! No, that's probably not true. At least not this week. Ward's going back to Brazil tomorrow. Well, maybe. It might get postponed, but he won't know until tomorrow. How's that for some advance notice?

Anywho...I thought I'd give y'all a little weekend recap. It sure wasn't too terribly exciting, but I still like to give you a little glimpse of what I do while I'm not on the computer. :o)

Friday: Ward and I went out to dinner with some of his coworkers. A guy he works with and his wife are putting their house on the market and are looking at houses in the city we live in! They've even looked at some in our neighborhood. They live pretty far from where either of them work, so they're hoping to find something closer. Ward only has a 7 mile commute! We stopped by Val's house on the way home to pick up my race shirt, but we didn't do much after we got home.

Saturday: We got up super bright and early. Actually, it wasn't bright at all seeing as the sun wasn't up yet! We met up with Val and B and drove into Houston to partake in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure with 35,000 other people. We walked the 5k, but it wasn't so much a race. Took us about an hour and a half walking with so many other people. But it was for a good cause and it was with good friends so it was a good time. Afterwards we went to brunch and ate WAY too much yummy diner goodness. After the Ward and I got home, we pretty much laid on the couch AAAAALLLLLL afternoon. I was just exhausted! But after a while we had to get up and get cleaned up since my MIL, SIL, and her fiance were coming over for dinner and to watch our Texas A&M Aggies get creamed by Arkansas. Yeah, that was a disappointing game. We turned it off before it even ended and were asleep by 10:30pm. It was quite a tiring day.

Sunday: We slept in. Late. I got up and let the dogs out and fed them about 7:30am and then went back to bed for another 2 1/2 hours! Guess I was just crazy tired. We lounged around a bit. I did a couple loads of laundry. Then we went and ran a few errands and ended the day going to my parents for a wonderful homecooked meal of chicken and dumplings, green beans, and peach cobbler! my mom's cooking!!

Yep, yep, that about wraps up my weekend. That's what I do when you guys aren't around! So interesting, huh? :o) And right now, I'm typing this up while falling off the couch laughing at Big Bany Theory. What a hilarious show! Okay, okay...I'm off my tangent. Hope it's a great week!


Remember my comment about my yard covered in mushrooms on today's Monday Mantra? Yeah, I was totally NOT exaggerating.

I know it's hard to see in the picture, but every single little white dot is a mushroom!

These special guys are taking over our backyard! How can we get rid if them??

What about now?

Testing my signature...

Monday Mantra

I've seen lots of friends (again, don't hate cuz I don't know how to link to you on this app!) doing this Monday Mantra and I wanted to join in! So here goes on my first installment of Monday Mantra!

This week...the Ward goes back to Brazil. :o(
I believe...I will start rereading Twilight the day he leaves.
I'm my DVR.
I yard wasn't covered in mushrooms!
I'm jealous...of my pregnant best friend!
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week...turn that frown upside down!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

And it all came crashing down

My first day as June, and I have to write this post letting you know that you will most likely be seeing less of me for a while. Yes, less of me than I'm around already, which isn't too terribly much these days.

I'm sure you're wondering why.

Well, today I found out that one of the three people that does the work that I do got a promotion. Starting tomorrow. So that leaves just the two of us. Doing the workload that we were already struggling with with only three. And on top of this extra workload, I will also have to train the new hire that we will (eventually) get. According to my boss, best case is we'll be back up to 3 in maybe four months. Four months of pure hell before that. And most likely more.

In order to not completely lose my marbles, I will have to force myself to very rarely partaking in blogging and tweeting during work hours. I can get quite easily distract and waste tons of time catching up with you all, but no more. I cannot. I must not. At least not during the workday.

I will, however, try to get on once I get home from work every day. Honestly, after working in hell for 8 hours a day for the next four plus months, yeah, I will need a daily does of y'all to keep my sanity!

And just when I thought my job couldn't get any worse...

I'm going to miss you all terribly on Twitter all day! I might be able to check in around lunch time. I might have to. I've grown so used to chatting with y'all all day, I might start going through withdrawls! Wish me luck!

Ta-da! My fresh start!

Welcome! Returning friends may notice some changes over here on my blog. Don't worry, it's still me! I've just decided to make a fresh start with a new identity. Hope you enjoy it!

For any new-comers, first off, thanks for stopping by! I'd like to share a little background with you and help you get to know me, here at Chronicles of June.

I'm June. I started blogging in February after a good friend revealed to me the glory that is the blogosphere! Since I started, I also joined Twitter, and have really made some wonderful friends! Friends that help me get through the struggle of a job I have right now. My greatest aspirations are to quit my day job and open a store on Etsy. I would love to be a stay at home/work at home mom. Well, to do that, I guess I would need kids, huh??


I've been with the Ward for just about nine years now. We've been married about 3 1/2 of those nine, but we've known each other since we were about, oh, five years old! sweet! I know, right? :o) We've decided this year that it's time for this two of a kind to get working on a full house! No luck yet, but you better believe I'll keep you posted on all that's going on.

I say this is a fresh start, but feel free to browse any of my older posts. They're all still there!

I became June once I realized that what I really wanted out of life was to be home to cook and clean and iron and sew and bead and keep house and provide a nuturing home. I know it may be old fashioned, but I guess that's just me, an old fashioned girl taking this modern world by the reins and running with it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so I will

Not too long ago, I wrote my "So Fed Up" post. (forgive me. I would link it, but I don't know how on this blogpress lite app) Anywho, I mentioned possibly changing doctors since I didn't feel I was getting the attention I wanted from my current doctor. She would answer questions I DIDN'T ask and NOT answer questions I would ask. She was nice and all, but I just felt overlooked. And with my history and concerns of getting pregnant that is definitely not how I want to feel with my OB/GYN.

As luck would have it, our insurance changed this year. The doctor I used to see (before I had to switch when she wasn't on my insurance anymore) is back on my insurance! Now, I really really liked my old doctor. She was nice, attentive, listened, even got to know me as a person, not just a patient.

So I called the other day and got an appointment. I'll be switching back to her. I'll see if she agrees with this progesterone therapy for my long absences of a period. And I'm hoping she'll agree to starting me on clomid next year like my old doc had. We need to get this pregnancy show on the road!

Now I just have to wait the two more months until my appointment! All in nervous anticipation. :o)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

What do you think??

Thank you all so much for the feedback!! I will NOT be changing my domain name so you can still find me here. But all other changes will take place on October 1st. New month, new me. :o) So be on the lookout for my makeover!

Okay, so I got some incredible help from our good friend, Fidgeting Gidget. Together we have come up with a new blog identity for me. I have yet to come up with a new header picture, but I'll be working on that. I have something in the works. I also wanted to get you guys' opinion, too. Okay, so here goes...

From now on, I'll be known as: "Chronicles of June" - Musings of a modern day June Cleaver. I'm June and my hubby will now be known as Ward. That's me being more incognito. :o)

Now, I don't know that I'll change my actual domain name. I already have once and apparently I caused some confusion with that. Sorry. But I do wonder since I'll now be June instead of Jules, maybe it should change. is actually already taken, so maybe I could change it to What do y'all think? Would that be okay? I'll wait a few days to make the change just so everyone can get a chance to read this first. :o)

Any other suggestions are perfectly welcome!

Time for a change?

As you all know, my blog is titled A Day in the Life. I came up with that on the fly while creating my blog. Obviously I'm not the most creative of individuals. The more I see it, the seems. I don't want to be generic. So, what do y'all think of "Housewife Wannabe"? Heehee...little more descriptive there, eh?

I'm pretty sure my blog will continue to evolve as my life does and this is where I am right now. I'm an old fashioned girl trying to navigate this modern world. I totally should have been born in the 30s. I admit, I'm super tech savy. But I really just want to stay home and clean house and iron laundry and cook a big homemade meal every night for my husband and sew my own clothes for my kids. Is that too much to ask for in this day and age?

This week I will probably work on a (nother) new blog template and header to better portray who I am these days. Who knows how to create my own logo/avatar??

Who knows...this will probably translate to ANOTHER Twitter screenname change too!

Told you I was super indecisive.

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Speaking of meatballs

Oh wait. I didn't actually mention the meatballs in that last post, did I? Okay. Well. So...meatballs...

Last night for dinner I made spaghetti and meatballs. We don't normally have meatballs with spaghetti, but the new Kraft Food & Family had a super easy recipe so I decided to give it a try.

I tell you what. Those were some super easy AND super delicious meatballs! I might have to find more things to eat with meatballs just so I can make them more often! And here is the recipe so you can find out how fantabulous they are!


2lb ground beef
1 box Stove-Top stuffing for chicken
1 1/4c water
2 eggs

Heat oven to 400. Line 2 baking sheets (I used jelly roll pans) with foil and spray with Pam.

Combine all ingredients. Shape 1/4c into meatballs. (I did smaller and made 36 instead of the 32 it called out) place half on each baking sheet.

Bake for 16-18 min or until done. Combine half with a sauce for dinner. Let other half cool completely then freeze for next time!

Oh, and if you don't subscribe to Food & Family, get your butt over to and sign up! It's completely free and has tons if great recipes!!


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Quick recap

Hi all! I'm trying out my blogger app for the first time. We'll see how I like it. Unfortunately I don't think I can add my cool signature with it. :o( Well, here's a quick recap of my weekend.

Friday: MIL came up for dinner. We went to On The Border. Had some AWESOME avocado sour cream dip. Went home and watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Good movie!

Saturday: Slept in a bit. Went shopping for more Etsy store supplies. JoAnn's is now my favorite store. :o) Got home. Had lunch. Watched some of my 5 hours of DVRed Secret Life of the American Teenager. Went to my parents to watch the Iowa vs Penn State game. My dad went to Iowa. We're big Iowa fans in our family. So we were uber excited about their upset of Penn!!

Sunday: Slept in again. Went through the paper and sale ads. Made a grocery list. Showered and went to the store. Got home and tried to recreate avocado sour cream dip from Friday night. Cleaned up the kitchen. Did some laundry. Worked on some office organization. Made dinner. Watched some DVRed Mad Men and went to bed.

Nothing too exciting but a good weekend overall. Got some things accomplished and had some fun. :o)

Hope it was great for y'all!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I'm NOT doing...

Wow, guys. I am SO not living up to my word this week. Somebody punch me!


Okay, let’s see. I did NOT go to the library last week like I had wanted. (Or yet this week for that matter) I have NOT called my new (old) doctor to make an appointment yet. I STILL have not written my post I’ve been talking about for like weeks now, it seems. I’m participating in the Susan G Komen 5k walk next weekend and, again, STILL have not sent out my “help me fundraise” email. I’ve had five bills in my email for some time now that I haven’t paid yet. My watch battery has been dead for a week now and I have yet to replace it. (Secretly, though, I just want a new watch so maybe that’s why…) I haven’t blogged in general in how many days?

To be honest, I told myself I wouldn’t blog if I just had things to complain about. Hmm. And then I end up not blogging for days on end. What does that say about me??

And then there’s this post. I’m complaining again, aren’t I? Oops.

I really do have a really good and positive post to write! I just don’t know what’s taking me so long to actually write it. Maybe I’m not in a positive enough mood to write about something positive. Or maybe because I know it’s going to be a long post and I don’t have the energy for it. Or maybe I don’t want to super overwhelm you guys with a vomit of information. I might be subconsciously trying to break it up into a few different posts. Maybe.

Well, on a positive note, I’ve had a pretty decent week of work this week. I’m trying really really hard to be productive and get things done. And we went on a field trip yesterday to check out our biggest plan, an 8420sf plan, and it took half the day and was really fun. Now, if I could just get the rest of my act together!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Weekend

Wow, I feel like I’ve been away forever! Guess it’s good it’s only been a few days. Ended up having a bunch going on this weekend. Don’t think I got on the computer at all all weekend! Crazy, huh? Well, here’s a little recap for you:


Friday: I hosted a Girls Night In at my house with my two best friends. We made spaghetti, French bread, and cookies and watched the movie 17 Again. We hadn’t gotten together just the 3 of us in a while so it’s was nice to hang out a bit. We had a good time and the movie was really good! And Val brought over this new red wine that I actually liked! (I’m totally not a big wine drinker, red especially, but this was awesome!) I tried to buy some at Kroger yesterday, but they didn’t sell that brand. :o( I’ll probably go to HEB this weekend for groceries, so I’ll pick some up there. They have a MUCH larger wine selection.


Saturday: Even though I didn’t get to bed until after midnight, I got up early so B and I could go do some shopping first thing in the morning. We went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and I got a whole bunch of bead supplies (and $0.99 Simplicity patterns!) so I can start stocking up for my Etsy store. This week all the chains and findings and metal things are on sale, so I’ll go back and get that type stuff sometime this week. Then I should have a pretty good amount to start with and can actually start making some stuff with which I can finally OPEN the Etsy store! On my way home from shopping, my MIL called and my SIL and her fiancĂ© were in town and they were going to see the movie Nine and wanted to know if I wanted to go. So I went down to MIL’s house and we went to the movie (which was pretty good) and then ran some errands then went back to her house and we had dinner over there. I didn’t get home until almost 9pm so I ended up being gone pretty much the entire day.


Sunday: Hubby finally got home! He got to the house about 6:30am and just came up and got in bed. (Yeah, I was totally still sleeping) We ended up both sleeping until after 9am, I think! Guess I really needed the sleep! We got up, had breakfast, and made a grocery list. Then we took the dogs down to MIL’s house and had lunch over there for her birthday today. Then we stopped by FIL’s apartment to say “hi” since hubby just got back. We got back home, dropped off the dogs, then went to Houston Garden Center to take advantage of their 70% off sale. We finally bought a tree for the backyard! And thanks to 70% off, we got a 20 gallon, $130 tree for only $40! Hubby and I went back and forth for like 20 minutes over which tree to get. He really wanted the Sweetgum and I really wanted the Chinese Elm. We ended up getting the Chinese Elm since I told him, based on my research, that it had a much better chance of survival. And maybe later on we can go back and get the Sweetgum, too. But we’ll see. We brought the tree home and then I went to the grocery store while hubby started digging the hole to plant the tree. Turns out in this DROUGHT the ground is WAAAAAAY hard so it’s not planted yet. He had to have his brother bring back our post hole digger to try to use that to help out, but he didn’t bring it up until after 7pm when he was on his way back to school, so maybe he can work on it tonight. Good thing we bought some good Miracle Grow garden soil for planting it. From the looks of it, our backyard dirt is pretty nutrient poor.


So that was my weekend. I have another post brewing in my head about some other things going on, so maybe I’ll be able to get to that today. I at least have to start writing it before I forget! It’s just nice to finally have my husband back. For a bit, at least. He apparently might have to go to the UK in a couple weeks, but just for a couple days IF he goes. But he shouldn’t have to go back to Brazil until closer to the end of October. Gosh, I can’t believe there’s only a week and a half of September left! Good thing I started ordering Christmas gifts last night! Where does the time go??


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Open letter

Dear Guy in the Hotel Window,

That must have been a pretty important phone call since you answered while just wearing a towel around your waist. Then you proceeded to talk for quite some time. All the while standing there in front of your hotel room window. Right in my line of sight. And for that, I thank you. I was having a pretty crappy morning until you showed up in the window, half naked, for my viewing enjoyment. It made me smile. Laugh, even! So, how long are you staying? Will I see you again tomorrow? If not, let me just say I have enjoyed our time together thus far.


Lucky Gal in the office building next door

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So fed up!

With myself...or really, more with my body. Just a warning, this will most likely be a TMI post so if you don't want to read it, I understand. But if you do, you might want a little background info and you can find that on this other TMI post here.

Okay, so why am I fed up? Um, probably because my body thinks that I've gone back in time and wants to live through Eighth Grade again! I'm totally serious. I have pimples all over face, chest, AND back. My (already small) boobs have shrunk to pre-teen levels. And I have not had a normal, natural period in the eigth plus months since I've been off birth control. Yeah. Like I said. Eighth. Grade. What the heck, body?

I've been to the dermatologist numerous times about my acne. While it's not really bad, it's full on moderate and always has been. I have never gone a day without one, and usually several, pimples on my face. I've tried it all. Over the counter, prescription, mail order. I finally found one prescription that worked pretty darn well, but of course, my doctor said I shouldn't use it when I get pregnant, and since we're trying I've stopped using it. And now back to square one trying to find something else that works. In the mean time, however, my acne has gotten pretty darn severe on my chest and back. I'll be planning another appointment with the derm. here shortly. This has gone on long enough!

The one good thing to come out of this was the fact that I lost about 10 pounds finally. And while that meant losing what little boobage I had gained (and then some), I have been able to keep it off quite easily and now have a killer stomach. I am proud of that stomach, just not the non-existant and acne ridden chest it's attached to. Seriously, I barely fill out a 32A these days. I wore an XS button up shirt to work the other day and it was too big through the chest area. I'm not okay with that!

Like I said in my other post, I have to take progesterone pills every two months I don't have a period. Well, that's the only reason I've had any periods in the last eight months. And obviously, no natural periods means no ovulating either. Yay. That's super helpful when you're trying to get pregnant, let me tell you! I mean, eight months so far. Should I be concerned about that? My doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned. She'd rather I just got on the clomid, got pregnant, and be done with it. She also says I'm still young and otherwise healthy, so it should be okay. I need to find a new doctor?

Sorry guys for the TMI, but I'm just frustrated with it all right now. Oh and look at that, 8:15am. I leave for work in 15 minutes and I haven't even dried my hair yet. Oops. Wish I could just call in sick, but I have too much to do today. Maybe tomorrow. :o)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A few more steps

You know I'd been feeling pretty down about my lack of accomplishments lately. Well, I am feeling quite a bit better on that front. Yesterday I was able to get all the clothes washed, I cleaned the kitchen, I swept the floors, and I washed our towels. The only thing I didn't get to was changing my sheets, but hey, it's a start, right? And tonight I even mowed the lawn again!

The only reason I'm not feeling so great is because my husband had to go back to Brazil last night. So I'm home alone again this week. It's really starting to get lonely around here. But at least I have a cleaner house to be lonely in, I guess. I'm trying to keep busy though. Like tonight, with mowing the lawn. My workout class starts tomorrow. Wednesday a friend invited me over for dinner, but I would have gone to the library if she hadn't. Thursday is Bunco. I invited a couple friends over for a girls night in on Friday. And then I'll clean more on Saturday in anticipation of hubby coming home Sunday morning. So I'm trying to stay busy, but I'm still in a funk.

You know, I don't think I would feel so down when he's away if I were enjoying my job. It is seriously a struggle just to get through each day. At this point, I think I'm way beyond "burnt out". And I just don't know what to do. I started working on a couple new projects and I was excited about it...doing something new and different...but then I got a new plan to work on. I am just so tired of estimating. Which pretty much sucks since I'm a Senior Estimator. Don't get me wrong, I like working, I like my coworkers, I love the money. But I just can't stand the work I'm doing right now. And with this economy, it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to move to any new position in the near future. So I am stuck. And I don't know what to do about it. How do you struggle through the work day but still try to put on a happy face for your boss? It's becoming increasingly difficult and I just don't know how much longer I can keep up the charade before I just lose it. Hopefully until after Christmas so I can make sure all our holiday spending is covered. :o)

Sorry for the pretty uninteresting post. I tend to write pretty blandly when I write at night. Like I said the other day, I have so much more interesting things to write about when I'm at work, but don't get the chance to write them before I forget what I was going to say. So, I'll try to do better, but just try to bare with me while I work it all out.

I'm going to go let the dogs out to potty now and try to go to sleep. It's so much harder to sleep when I have to do it alone...

I love to read.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I love to read. One of the biggest draws for me to start blogging was realizing there was this whole blogosphere of people out there with their own stories for me to read. I mean, not only could I write my own story, but I had all kinds of new stories to discover as well. And I thank you all for having great stories to share.

I’m also thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to read more as of late. And really, my love for reading was reignited once I was finally convinced to read the Twilight series. Now, believe me, if you have not read these books, do it. Seriously. Even if you don’t like to read, these books will make you love reading. They are that good.

Well, I think that everyone has noticed, since the success of Twilight, all the vampire themed books/shows/movies out there right now. One of which is the new series The Vampire Diaries on the CW network. I don’t watch much CW so I didn’t really hear much about this show. But the premier was on the other night when John was working late, and I was a little intrigued. If you don’t know about the show, it’s an adaptation of the book series by the same name which was published back in the early 1990s. And from my understanding, it has a lot of the same premise of Twilight. Set in high school. Vampire boy, human girl. Vampire boy doesn’t drink human blood, etc. People started talking about it being a ripoff of Twilight. Well, the books were published way before Twilight was even an idea. Now, I haven’t read the books, but it does seem like the characters in the show act very similar to the characters from the Twilight movie. (Which is where the “ripoff” might actually come into play here…) Anywho…that got me really interested to know the Vampire Diaries story from the books. Since I don’t want to reread the Twilight series again until November (though I’m totally wanting to right now, especially after the new trailer from New Moon last night!!! But that’s a topic for another post…), I’m in desperate need for some new books to read right now, and hey, what’s better than a super similar story to ease my need for some good Twilight-edness right now? Right? Right?

Now I don’t necessarily want to run out and spend a bunch of money on some new books that I may or may not love enough to purchase. So, that brings me to my second point of this post. I think I’m going to visit my local library and get a library card this week! I’ve lived in my current city for about 2 ½ years now and have not once visited the library. If I ever wanted a new book to read, I’d just go to the bookstore and buy one I thought looked good. But now, in my extra frugal-ness these days, I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ve bought more than a couple books in the past that I don’t ever plan on rereading so why do I need to own them?? I don’t. I would much rather go check out books for free at the library. So then it doesn’t matter if I like the book or not, I just return it to the library, no harm done. When I do check one out that I absolutely love and plan to reread, I can start making a list of those books so I can either go buy them at some point, or maybe try to get them as birthday or Christmas gifts. Sounds like a plan to me.

Since John left for Brazil again last night and won’t be home until this weekend, I think I may make my inaugural trip to the library this week. I checked out the website this morning to get the hours and all that and saw they even have a book club group that meets each month. As long as it’s not a bunch of old blue hair ladies in the group, maybe I can think about joining. (I’d hate to be the youngest person by like 20+ years…that may by a little awkward) But yeah, that may be fun.

What about y’all? Do you visit your local library?

Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember, I was...

I know it's a little late in the day for this post, but as I've said before, it's about near impossible to post while at work these days, so I have to wait and do all my blogging after I get home.

As we are all aware, today marks the eighth anniversary of "9/11". I've seen so any "where were you?" posts and mentions that I just couldn't help but remember where I was that morning so many years ago. I think Fidgeting Gidget had the best story. That line, "This is your Pearl Harbor." Wow. Heartbreaking as it is, it's so true. Just as the generations before us will forever remember where they were on December 7, 1941, our generation will always remember September 11, 2001.

For me, I was a freshman in college. My best friend and I were roommates in the dorms. We had Political Science together later that morning and were both getting ready for class in our room. I was logged into AIM (always logged in since my boyfriend lived over an hour away). A friend I went to high school with messaged me (which I thought was odd for so early in the morning...mind you we were an hour behind NYC). He said someone had flown into the towers in New York. We thought he was joking! He finally told us to turn on the TV. We did. And time stood still.

We both froze, then dropped onto our beds to stare at our tiny little 13" TV, watching the world as we knew it change forever. Then came the news that a plane hit the Pentagon and that the White House and Capitol Hill were being evacuated.

And I lost it.

You see, my sister was working on Capitol Hill at the time. She was a staffer for Senator Bill Frist. They started showing shots of people running out of the capitol building as it was being evacuated. I swear I saw her in the crowd.

Then came news that another plane had crashed in Pennsylvania...its intended target being either the White House or the capitol building.

I didn't know what to do. Do I call home? Do I call my sister? Do we go to class?? It was so early in our very first semester so we did indeed go to class. Only to get sent back to our dorm room. No classes were held that day. We spent the entire rest of the day glued to our little 13" screen praying for the best, but seeing the worst.

I did finally hear from my mom and everyone was okay. My sister was so freaked out though. She had only been living in DC for a couple months at that point. She was so far from home with few friends and no family nearby. We couldn't go to her. And she couldn't come home. I was so scared for her.

So this morning, with the first post I read that started out, "I remember, I was...", it all came flooding back. Just like it will every morning of September 11th for the rest of my life.

We will always remember.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One step forward, two steps back.

Do y'all remember way back when I had become domesticated? Um, yeah...about that... I feel like that was ages ago right now. Um, what's the opposite of domesticated?? I'm afraid I must confess a few things.


I'm a good 5 or so loads of laundry behind. Poor hubby had to wear grey socks with his khakis and brown shoes today. I haven't cleaned the kitchen in, oh, 2 weeks, maybe. Haven't swept in about the same amount of time. Haven't changed my sheets in probably a month.

Good lord.

I sound like such a slob!! I promise I'm not that bad. I'm usually such a clean freak, too. On the up side I did mow the lawn last week and I put a load of laundry in this evening. ::needing a little reassurance here::

Wow, actually writing it all down like this makes me feel even worse about it. Well, poo. Okay, okay. I need an intervention! Unfortunately it won't get a whole lot better real soon. We'll be going down to the beach house on Saturday with hubby's mom to meet with the contractor who's doing some work on it. There goes at least half the day. Then hubby leaves again for Brazil Sunday night and will be gone another week. I seriously need to start planning out my evenings so I can clean up this mess of a house. I would be sooooooooooo embarrassed if a friend or family member happened to stop by and I had to let them into my house looking like this. Ugh.

And on that note, I am going to go start cleaning the kitchen now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Power Shoes

My what? My Power Shoes! You know how some men have their "power suits" or a "power tie". That one article of clothing that when you wear it, it makes you feel invincible. Like you can do anything! I have two pairs of shoes that are my "power shoes". Every time I wear them, I feel beautiful, successful, and powerful. I wore one pair yesterday and the other pair today. Along with two of my new shirts, too! So I definitely felt beautiful and powerful, but it still didn't help make me productive! Oops. I'm just in such a funk at work these days, I don't know if anything will give me that motivation! Either way, I still love my power shoes and love the way they make me feel. So here are my power shoes:
Do you have any "power" clothes??

I knew there was something...

Well, I found out last night one of the main reasons that my husband is so reluctant to let me quit my job. He’s worried about the future of his company. But really, he doesn’t need to be. I know his company will be fine. His boss has told him that he’s fine, they’re fine, it’s all fine. But my husband is not so much the optimistic. For some odd reason he is convinced that his company will just run out of work to do and they’ll have to shut down. Umm…doubt it, but whatever. (He’s in the oil industry…really?) He did say, though, that if we won the lottery tonight (uh, for which he has yet to buy any tickets…) that I could quit my job tomorrow. And I quote, “I’d feel much better if we won the lottery.” Wow, really? Because that’s what happens to most people…they win the lottery. Good grief. He’s got his sights a little skewed here. He’s pessimistic about the future of his company and his job (which is not in jeopardy) yet totally optimistic about winning the lottery (which is so not likely to happen). Huh. Okay.

But at least that gave me the perfect opportunity to yet again mention the fact that now would be the prime time to be saving all the money we possibly can. Wouldn’t you agree?

And he just rolls his eyes.


For now, I will focus on getting my Etsy store up and running, scrutinizing every single penny we spend, and hopefully building up a nest egg large enough to convince him that we’ll be perfectly fine if (and when) I quit my day job.

Speaking of my Etsy store, while I have not opened it yet, I did finally decide on a store name. Two Lazy Daisies. Cute, huh? And no, there’s not two of me, nor do I have a partner. It’s named for my two dogs. Every time I see them just sleeping the day away, I always say they’re being a bunch of big lazy daisies. Now that I’ve finally nailed down a name, I have to start thinking about my “image”. Oh yeah, and start actually making things to sell! My goal is to open shop by November so try to keep pestering me to make sure I’m on track with that!